Is not as bad as I always say it is. I complained about it a lot because I wanted it to solve a very specific problem I had with laying out rows and columns of elastic width elements on a page. But it doesn't solve that problem. As far as I can tell.

I had a job for a while where I was restricted from using the latest features of CSS for compatibility reasons. I often thought, "Ugh, FlexBox will solve this." about a particular problem. But I hadn't used it. So when I finally got to, I tried that, first thing. I was a little mad.

Basically, I thought with FlexBox , I wouldn't need media queries anymore. Because I still did, I found FlexBox useless. Now, maybe I was just using it wrong, but regardless, I do use it now, and prefer it to the old inline-block or floats method of laying certain things out. Even if I still need media queries to shuffle things a little for narrow displays.

I used it for the older/newer posts buttons at the bottom to push them to the edges. I think it required a little less work than it might have. Or maybe it just provides a nicer mental model to think about the layout. But either way, I'm over my cynicism.

For FlexBox anyway. CSS could always be better.

Posted 30 Dec 2018 by Brian


Hey, each post now has its own page! Kinda pointless for now. But comments are coming soon!