The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nineteen

It's. Gonna. Be. Great.

I don't think much of new year's as a celebration. It represents an arbitrary division of time. But humans like organization. So, being able to categorize events by time is actually pretty useful. It allows you to stop worrying about what was messed up about the previous day/month/year, and focus on making the next arbitrary division better. The other side of the coin involves making sure you don't try to coast on the successes of yester[whatever]. Keep improving!

This is why new year's resolutions make a lot of sense. But, they often fail. I'd hazard a guess that this is because people place too great an importance on the year division. Try this: Don't wait for a new year. Make a monthly resolution, a weekly resolution or even a resolution for just one day.

That advice might not resonate with everyone, but here's an example. If dieting for a whole year is scary, or impractical, just try one month. Then, at the end of January, you can congratulate yourself on the success and celebrate with that slice of cake. But, at that point you can renew your resolution for February. Or wait 'til March. Either way, if you mess up from time to time, you can reset yourself each month, instead of waiting a whole year.

Think about it this way: Now your measuring the success of your resolution on a scale of 0 to 12 instead of pass/fail. I guess you could measure how far into the year you made it, but it could be harder to recover from failure that way.

Have a Happy 2019!

Posted 1 Jan 2019 by Brian


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